Here at Brand Club we love to dress up. Sometimes we get it right, sometimes we fool ourselves by dressing up like clowns. So you don’t have to repeat our mistakes, here is our little guide to choosing a right belt for a certain look. Hope you like our post. Comments, shares, questions are very welcome.

successClassic casual look: 

Every man and woman should have a choice of a classic wardrobe to turn to. If you are going somewhere where you don’t want to overdress or underdress, go for a classic casual look. Black and brown leather belts always work well with this look, but you could also experiment with colored or worn leather. Women could try a studded belt to add some playfulness into a casual ensemble. Men could draw attention with unique belt buckles.

successUrban style:

This is where both men and women can experiment and let the imagination do its wonders Try a colorful metallic leather belt or add a splash of color with a brightly colored shiny finish belt. Bright studded or rhinestone decorated belts will hype up your urban outfit, as well. Be careful not to overwhelm the rest of your outfit; you want to accentuate it rather than overdo it. A little too much and you can become a clown of the party. Graphic-printed belts are trendy right now, giving you a beautiful accent—and if done right keeps you on a safe side.

successBelts for professional look or important occasions:

A refined classical leather belt is the best choice when you need to look sharp. Having an important office or business meeting? Going for a job interview? Been invited to celebrate an important occasion? It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, choose a traditional-looking brown or black leather belt. Match your belt color with your shoe color to achieve a complete look. If you are daring, you could experiment with matte-color variations, but be careful when matching color tones.

successFemales re-inventing: 

A women’s belt often plays two roles, being a fashionable accent and a functional addition to a certain outfit.

Try a variety of skinny belts to give your loose clothes a new look and a beautiful accent, you could even wear several of them at a time. A wide belt could give your old dress a new look. Try a wide beaded belt around your hips to accentuate your female body lines.

Whichever look you are going for, remember that a belt shouldn’t be very cheap as it may mess up your look completely. Be brave, experiment and find what suits you best.

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