Today introducing most famous sneakers in whole world - Converse began in 1908 . They created to do whatever you want ...You play music, making art, skating in the streets... You wore them as fashion. You wore them to work. You customised them with your personal style. You did everything to them, and in them. You saw in Converse the unlimited potential.

To this day, this spirit continues with all of Converse sneakers and apparel for All Star, Cons and Jack Purcell. As soon as you put them on and start doing your thing, their true life begins. You define them. You determine their journey. They become a one-of-a-kind celebration of your individuality and self-expression. They become a part of you. They’re Made by you.

We offering Converse kids sneakers, from new 2016-2017 collection , if you really interesting please contact us!

Restrictions may apply.

To request more information about this lot, please fill in our contact form with details of your inquiry.

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