We are pleased to announce the REDUCTION of SPORTSWEAR PRICES!

Both mixes include such brands as Majestic Athletic, Kappa, Umbro.

Kappa - founded in 1916 in Italy. Company started their career as a leading manufacturer of socks. Over a period of time, Kappa company grew to a huge clothing and sportswear manufacturer.

Majestic Athletic - founded in 1976 in America. With the growth of sportswear among celebrities, the brand became more and more popular over the years. Majestic clothing still has that retro American sportswear look, that is very versatile and can be styled easily.

Umbro - started in 1924 UK. It is the original Manchester-based football brand that invented sportswear and sports tailoring. Now a days, this famous brand still supports athletes just as well as sports fans, by making clothing suitable for matches and casual activities. 

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