The One Teaspoon story starts with an 18 year old Jamie Blakey jumping on a bus from her hometown of Queensland to Australia’s fashion capital, Sydney with only a bag full of fabric, a few ideas and a whole hap of energy. With no formal training, just a unique vision for her brand, Jamie founded her womenswear label, One Teaspoon, in 2000 from the humble surroundings of her bedroom floor in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. As founder and creative director of cult Aussie fashion label One Teaspoon, the Sydney-based businesswoman very much epitomises her brand – fun, laid-back, confident, creative and rebellious. She might have an unorthodox way of running a fashion empire, but make no mistake, One Teaspoon is big business. The brand, of which Jamie has creative control, is now stocked in 32 countries worldwide, has 208,000 Instagram followers and is loved and worn by everyone from Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas to Beyoncé, who has rocked several pairs of One Teaspoon’s iconic Hendrix Rollers denim shorts. Jamie believes her success and longevity in such an unstable industry rests in knowing her customer, staying true to herself and her brand and trusting her own instincts.

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